Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Wait! What? Is it Christmas already???

Warning: exclamation mark heavy post.

Good grief, I am SO excited!!!!
After what feels like an eternity (of three and a half months) without a sewing machine, I may very well have hit the Jackpot!


Pardon the blurry photo, I think my hands were shaking.

Meet the new (to me) partner in endless sewing bliss; Husquarna 400!!
Isn't she a beauty? I think so too. But it isn't all just a pretty face, she has brains, too. I have only had time to browse quickly trough the manual, but there are loads of programming options. There are many lovely decorative stitches, (flowers, leaves and borders etc), all you can ask for in "utility"stitches and even a menu of letters for monogram embroidery and such! In total there are 220 different stitch options, oh my!


It feels like a flippin' spaceship compared to my old machine. Don't get me wrong, I got all my regular sewing done on the old one, but I can see that this one will open up some new territory :)
It didn't set me back all that much either. When it was new, it cost about twice what I would splurge on a new machine. But today it was just a fraction of that, 170£, or about 260$. Which, in my country, is a steal :)

I can hardly wait for the weekend to arrive, so that I can play with her. It's gonna be awesome!


  1. she's beautiful!! What a great machine. I do hope you enjoy her :)

  2. Gratulerer, så flott! Livet føles så tomt uten symaskin ;-)

    1. Takk takk! Ja , det skal jeg si deg. Livet uten symaskin er traurig.... Men så har man jo strikkepinner, da;)

  3. What a pretty gal! I am sure she will be a joy to use.