Thursday, 13 August 2015

Win, win!!

Hello all!

I bet you're all excited to know WHO won the first ever Pinhouse Give-away??

Yes yes, all shall be revealed! But first I want to thank each and every one of you who really got the whole idea of sharing warm memories. I wanted to give you all an opportunity to sit down, look back, and remember past times. Good times had with loved ones, fun times! Sometimes maybe we forget a little, and when being reminded to think back, memories reappear and bring smiles to our faces. I hope you all got smiles! Oh, and thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes ;)

My fondest birthday memory is of my 30th birthday. I had an aweful day, no friends or family around me, no plans, no cake, no party. Late in the afternoon, my mother called, like she always does on my birthday. I remember feeling so lost and sad, but after that phonecall my "sky brightened" and I felt.. well, loved and appreciated. (And then of course, I had a cry because we were so far apart...)
I guess you could say it was a day of mixed feelings, but mums know how to make it end well :)
It meant very much to me, and it still does. Love you, mamma!

I really enjoyed all your stories, too! Lots of lovely memories. Thank you again for sharing.

So, without any further ado, here are our two winners!

Suna and Angela !!!! Yay!

Fabulous winning ladies; if you could please email me your details (, I will pop your goodies in the mail very shortly. You will both recieve fabric, and a little surprice ;)

To all the rest of you, if you haven't already, go check out their blogs, they're great :)
And remember; we are all winners in the big scheme!

Monday, 10 August 2015

Scandinavian fashion anno 1919

Hello everyone!

I just cannot believe my luck lately! Look what I found while thrifting!

Look at the fabulous bewinged hat!

Evening silk gowns with fur or lace trim.

The coat on the right has 25(!) buttons.
You wouldn't want to be in a hurry
while buttoning those.

These are four issues of Nordisk M√łnster Tidende, or Nordic Pattern Times, published late winter of 1919 in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. This weekly magazine was first published in Denmark in 1874, by the danish gentleman Carl Aller and his wife Laura. It was a huge success, and after only two months, even the Royal Danish court was on the subscribers list!

Over the next 20 years business expanded to Sweden and Norway, and was the first magazine in Scandinavia to have a front cover printed in color, in 1892. It even excist today as Femina in Denmark and Sweden, and KK in Norway, and still remain one of the most influential womens magazines in Scandinavia.

After what I have been able to find out, these these printed issues are quite rare nowadays. I would love to own more of them.

Everyday (!) wear for the young ladies, and some underthings for the mature.

I really like those pleated coats (left). Lots of fabulous fur collars too.

I am in total awe over these issues. The details in the illustrations are magnificent, and the vast number of patterns issued every week is astonishing. Each magazine is like a pattern catalog, but there are about five free sewing patterns included in a nested pattern sheet. There is also a weekly menu, complete with recipes, lots of tips for the household, different craft projects in embroidery, crochet, lace and even tatting. This is quite surprising to me, considering the end of WW1 was just months ago. It seemed that the effects of years of war was mostly seen in the kitchen. When reading through the menues, you get the feeling that it was slim pickings.

Also very interesting to see the incredibly complex craft patterns described as quick and easy!!

Easy lace for a chemise neckline.

It would seem like these magazines were for the Lady of a certain standard, with housemaids and enough time and money on her hand to fill her days with embroidery and tatting :) And pattern shopping! I wish one could still order these patterns, just look at all these beautiful coats!

Pleated walking suit. I adore that jacket!

Lovely young maidens in their winter attire.

Silk and fur in abundance.
Buttons and pleats, too!

I love flicking through these issues, looking at what was the high fashion this year. It is amazing to see all the little details of the outfits. Decorative pleating, buttons, lace inserts and trims in different materials. Every pattern is described in the catalog, stating what materials are needed and yardage. There's also line drawings of every model.

Such lovely underthings :)

Although this is not an era I would necessarily copy for my own everyday wardrobe, there is loads of inspiration to be found in these images. I am also inspired by the effort that went into every garment in these times. Just a simple thing like a short underbodice or a chemise, was elaborately decorated and just stunningly gorgeous. I would feel like a queen everyday if my underwear drawer was filled with things like these!

I hope you found these images inspiring!

Just as a quick reminder, or if you're new to this blog; remember to join the give-away!
For a chance to win one of two prizes, just follow the link above, and share your fondest Birthday memory with us all! I'd love to hear from you :)  (Give-away is now closed)

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

PJ time!! (and GIVE-AWAY time!)

(Give-away is now closed.)

Finally, right??

Ok ok! Today's my Birthday and it's been a year since I told you all I was having a give-away to celebrate both myself and this blog. Instead of being embarrassed (like any normal person), this year I am making this a two-winner show! Win win (pun intened)! This blog is now twice the age it was last year (and luckily, I'm not), so it only seemed logical. But we'll get to that later on.

Firstly, my Carolyn Pajamas! Behold!
A birthday is mostly associated with swoonworthy partydresses, but since those dresses obviously didn't want me to make them, we're having a PJ-party instead!
This is version C of the lovely lounging set by Closet Case Files.

This pattern was great! It is a classic pajama with cuffs and piping and pockets, but with a slight feminin shape to the shirt, so not too boxy. The shorts are just the right kind of short, with an elasticated waist, has a faux fly front and pockets. My set is even more classic looking with this striped seersucker fabric I bought online from Croft Mill. This fabric is very light and breezy, and my initial plan to make a sundress out of it, was quickly discarded due to it's slight see through nature. But for these PJs; perfect!

The avid stripe-matchers among you will no doubt instantly spot that my stripes AREN'T matching, and just know that I am totally ok with it! The multi colored stripes were impossible to figure out during cutting, and finding the centre? Forget it! I spent an entire afternoon on the floor, sweating and cursing like a sailor, trying to get it right. Top tip for matching multicolored stripes when cutting a double layer; fold your fabric on the cross grain. Now the different colored stripes lay on top of themselves, and pieces cut on the fold is done separately (folding on grain). Use lots of pins all over your fabric piece, to prevent things from shifting as you cut.

Absolutely baffled by this one....!

Just to illustrate; above, you see the breast pocket. Now follow the stripes from left to right. Matching....matching....matching....not matching. Wth ? How can that be?! I swear, those two stripes changed places, just to tick me off! So cuffs, and pockets, I didn't line up, but I did my best on the collar, and also on the seat of the shorts.

Proof that I did match something!

The piping business was news to me, never done that before. I made my own, from scraps after my pink shirt, to give it a good contrast. I was a little hesitant going so bold, 'cause if you mess up the piping in screaming pink, people are going to notice :)
However, it all went wonderful, and I love the look! I now want piping on everything :)

As proud as I am about the piping, I am even more proud of the insides of my PJs. I could wear this inside out and not be ashamed :) Everything is finished with french seams, or narrow self bias binding. Now I really can appreciate how far my sewing has come, since I first started :)

Nice and tidy, I sure like that!

I have been living in these since I finished them, and when they were in the wash, I was just lost.... I guess that means I need more of these. I plan to make at least one other version with long bottoms and maybe long sleeves. A silk one would be lush too, just need to find the *right* fabric (and the dosh) for it.

Right, over to the give-away! Yay!
To join the raffle, you just need to be following my blog, and also add a comment below telling me your fondest Birthday memory. It could be one of your own B-days, or someone elses, pets and family all apply:)

This party is open for one week (closes Aug 12th at 23.59 CET), and two winners will be drawn at random. The gifts might be revealed when the winners are announced, as I always thought presents should be surprises. I can say though, that there will be fabric involved, and quite possibly a pattern ;)

Be Zen until then ;) Best of luck to all of you!