Monday, 23 February 2015

Living in the dark, and knitting up a storm!

Not my home, but same feeling!

I was hoping to get some photography done over the weekend, to show you all my recent knits.
Wintertime in Norway is challenging light-wise. It gets dark rather early in the afternoon, even though days are getting longer now. So when getting home from work, I don't always feel like getting dolled up and prance around on my snow covered deck outside. I really wish I had a dress form, and a spot inside with good enough light to snap some photos with my flashless camera. It would make it all a bit easier :)
I'll put that on my "to-get-list"! Along with a new sewing machine!

So even with the weekend off, and SUNSHINE for two whole days, there was no "runway modelling"... I'm bad, I know. On the bright side, I finished knitting my Finessa jumper, the dark navy one. Which was a whale-sized relieve! I have rather poor eyesight to begin with, our livingroom is lit like a cave, and all those tiny stitches in the dark was killing me! And it took forever.

Finessa sleeves ready for action!

I was going to sew it up on saturday, and be done with it. But I got as far as blocking, and left the sewing for another day. Although I am really happy with it, and think it will be fantastic, I just need a *moment* before I finish it up. I don't know about you, but very often I totally loose interest when a project is nearly done, and I start pining for a new "squeeze".

Miss New Squeeze 1945

This time was no different, and I finally got going with the fabulous Victory jumper pattern (follow link for free pattern)! I looooove this one, and there have been some lovely jumpers turning up online, here, here and here for instance :)
The stitch pattern is the classic feather and fan, a really easy and beautiful wavy lace pattern. Fun and interesting to knit , after ages of knit purl knit purl.....!

Although I really like the patriotic colors of navy white and red, which also translates to the Norwegian flag, I went for some different colors. Mostly because I had seven skeins of soft babywool in a dark seafoam that wasn't enough for a whole jumper, so I decided to pair it with cream and light terracotta. I am happy with how those colors look together, it looks quite festive! The look can be totally altered by shuffeling the colors around, since the width of the stripes are different.
The cream and orange yarn is an alpaca/peruvian wool blend and incredibly soft and yummy :)

The pattern is for a 34 inch bust, so I had to do a swatch and some math before casting on. The pattern is repeated over nine stitches, so it is quite easy to just add some more repeats to make a larger size. I am already half way up the front, and I think it will be a good fit in the bust area, but I am a bit worried about the rib section. It seems to be rather slim-fitting, but it is very stretchy after all, so fingers crossed it will be alright. When I have finished the ribbing for the back, I need to pin the pieces on my person to check level of straight-jacket-ness. Wish me luck....!

Have you got any new exciting projects going?


  1. Love the inspiration -- I think it will look great. I am sewing for spring or maybe I am sewing to wish spring was here! Tania culottes take two.

    1. Ah yes! The culottes! I loved your first take, even if you didn't ;)

  2. That is just beautiful! Both the first and last pictures :)

  3. I am sure you are enjoying knitting it. Love your choice of colors, so bright and fun, I'm anxious to see pictures of you wearing it, dear friend.

  4. Your Victory Jumper looks lovely so far. I'm knitting this at the moment too. Got that same urge for a new project!

  5. Those colours are gorgeous together - so striking. I love the stitch pattern.