Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Victorious planning!

Hello all!

Since my last post I have been hard at work with my Sew for Victory preparations.
In an older post I mentioned briefly wanting to make a 40s cropped lumber  jacket to go with my pleated corduroy skirt (amongst other things).

Last year Tasha made this lovely jacket for the Victory-challenge, and ever since I have been looking for a nice pattern for a similar jacket. Original patterns seems hard to come by in a "normal" bust size, so when I found a downloadable copy version I thought it would be ok.

The offending pattern..

When my printer started spitting out the pages, I immediately felt a tad turned off by it's wonky hand drawn lines and inaccurate markings. Taping the sheets together took most of last Saturday evening, and a considerable amount of foul language. When I finally had the thing taped up to the best of my ability, I found a gauge square in the sewing instructions, and instead of being 10x10cm it was 9,3x9,3cm. So it meant the jacket was NOT my size after all. I was in no mood to grade up the whole thing and draft the pattern from scratch. Instead I clawed down a note to the Etsy seller, and tossed the pattern in my "angry pile".

I am still unsure if I will muster the courage to work with the pattern for the sew-along, so I ordered the Sailor girl playsuit pattern from Wearing History as a back up. Since last summer I have wanted to make a playsuit and after dabbling with it in my mind, I feel maybe this is the time to make it.

Although I absolutely adore the traditional nautical version of white and navy, I think I will do it with a twist.
The pattern consists of three separate pieces (shirt, shorts and skirt), so it perfect for mix and match in your wardrobe. Lets just say that the inspiration from the sea is still very much present......!

Aren't they awesome??!!?

Yes yes, I know they are "whimsy overload", but hey; there's been enough seriousness to last me the rest of the year! Beside; spring is here!!!!! Look!

Yeeeeessss! NO snow!

Right! Time for a run :D

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Getting back on the horse...! And not.


Yes yes, I have been quite absent lately. But surely, there are plenty of blogs around to keep you guys occupied, so I am not feeling too bad :)

There have been some major changes over here the last couple of months or so. Some good, and some abit sad but nothing that is not life. Let's just get the sad part over with. I do no longer own a horse. My dear Slim is grazing in the heavens now, after a rather sudden passing. It is always sad to say farewell to faithful friends, but as I said; it is part of life. We had lots of fun, and I cherish all the good memories. He was a good little horse, and I'll miss him.

Goodbye boy..

After this rather big change in my life, I found myself with lots of extra time on my hands, and lacking an outdoor hobby. So I decided to take up running! I have always liked being physically active, but with work and stable chores, house chores and everything, I let myself go and didn't take particularly good care of my own health. Over the winter I was feeling depressed and, well... sick. Went to the doctor, and got full blood-work done. I was just Vitamin D deficient, luckily, so I knew it was time to realize that an effort was in order to get into better shape. Now I have been running for two months, and have even entered in a 5k race in May. (There's lots of motivational drive in trying to avoid public ridicule...)

I feel fantastic already and have lots of energy, and I really recommend getting sweaty if you're feeling tired and down (but see your GP first, to make sure you're generally healthy).

Right!! Onto what's really IMPORTANT! Sewing!
There has not been any. I have knitted some though. But I have plans to change all that:)
Entering......: (insert drumroll)

I suppose most of you have already heard, but if not, lovely  Rochelle is repeating last years success of a truly fabulous 40s sew-along, and has just launched Sew For Victory 2.0 ! YAY!! Just what I needed now (and you too!). Time to dig out the best 40s patterns from the stash and get cracking :)
To see all details and general rules of the happening, click here.

I'll be back real shortly with my sewing plans for the sew-along!