Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Birthday dress, a pattern mash-up

Hello everybody!

This Sunday marks the end of my summer holidays of 2014. A grey and gloomy day, after weeks of sun and heat. Actually, it feels quite nice, and the air is fresh after the showers.

Since August is the Big Birthday month here at Pinhouse, what is more appropriate than dresses?
My own birthday is the 5th, a tuesday and I'll be at work all evening, so no dress wearing that day.
So let's celebrate it today with this new creation of mine :)

This is a pattern mash up of Simplicity #5780, which I used for my Floral frock, and the bottom half of Simplicity #3422.

I am sooo gonna make that #3422 (view 2) one day!

I made this dress mostly to try out some techniques new to me. This is my first lined dress bodice, my first time pleating a skirt, and first time making a dirndl skirt. I was unsure if I would like the silhouette, but I think I can honestly say "Me luuurvs it!!" The fabric is some sort of cotton blend satin thingy, a remnant bin find, so I figured I could afford to mess it up. Only I didn't!

A narrow red belt would be rockin'!

The #5780 bodice was cut with no alterations this time. I was so surprised last time that it came out big, despite being a size smaller than I am, so I took a gamble. I faced it this time around, and lined it too. The armscyes could be a bit deeper, I see some bunching/pulling in the back. But it is not uncomfortable at all, just not the perfect fit.

Little bit of pulling, but I can live with that :)
The pattern matching went out the window aswell.
Also ok :)

The skirt didn't really need a pattern as it's just a big rectangle (actually three...) that is gathered at the waist. I had to piece together some fabric to make this skirt happen, as the remnant fabric came in two pieces of nearly 1.5 yards each. I think it came out great, you can hardly see the seams. I opted for pleats around the waist, instead of gathers, as I think it looks tidier. It took some doing and redoing to get it right, but it was well worth the practise:)

Pouf-less pouch!

I made a flat section in front, to not add any poof to my stomach, and next time I do this I will have more pleats at the sides/on the hips, because I can see this is a perfect way to give me some shape (having a narrow hip and a flat bum). This is what is so great with making ones own clothes, instead of letting "bodily shortcomings" get you down, you can add design elements that helps you create the shape you want, and make you feel good in your own skin.

So, who else has a birthday at Pinhouse, you ask? Well, the blog it self!! Yes, my humble corner of the web is soon to be one year old! I can hardly believe it! I must say I had my doubts as to whether I would keep it up, but it has been so rewarding and fun, not to mention you lovely people who bother with coming over to see what I've been up to. I appreciate every single one of your pageviews and comments, they make my day! And I also love to visit your small corners too, and be inspired! Keep it up!

In the event of the Blogaversary, I will host a little give-away to say thank you! So stay tuned for that :)