Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Camodress (Simplicity #2406)

Hi all!

All the while I was working on the fiddly playsuit, I was longing to start something else... I know, not a sign of focus or determination. But then again, doing something else, make you come back stronger and with fresh eyes :)


This is Cynthia Rowley's design for Simplicity #2406.
I made view B in a size 12. Following the size guide, I was supposed to make a 14. But when checking the finished garment measurement on the pattern pieces, I noticed it allowed for 6" of ease and then promptly cut a size down. This dress is sack-like enough as is, thank you.

The dress has cutout sleeves, side seam pockets, and a self sash. It also has gathering at the front and back neck line. Zipper in the back is optional, but I decided against it... You know, to add some oooh la la :)

Practical pockets!

Sewing instructions were straight forward, and I really enjoyed making this. It is not fitted, so no need for nail biting and hairpulling during the process, which was nice!

Everytime I make something, I try to learn a new skill, or perfect one I have already tried. This time I learned how to make a lovely thread loop for the button closing in the neck, using this tutorial. It came out just the way I wanted it to, and is such a lovely handmade touch.

Thread loop.

The fabric is a flowy printed viscose.  The tag stated army camo print, hence the name for my dress. I am not exactly sure what you could possibly camoflague yourself amongst in this print, but nevermind! I like it!!
It was very nice to work with, although it wanted to shift around a bit. It is also nice to wear, and has such lovely drape.

Inside front.

Constructing the self faced sleeves was the most fun part, it is a clever design, and looks really good both outside and in. There is also a neck and back facing that gives the dress an easy clean finish.

Inside back.

The casual look :)

The self sash disappears a bit in my print, but is nice for casual wear. I dressed it up a bit with a wide purchased belt, but it is also nice without any belt at all. It all depends on what you like :)

Open back.
Underwear might be an issue here...

Looks cool without sash too, I think!

If I am to be critical of my dress, I would have wanted it to be a tad longer. When cinched, it is a bit short for my liking. It also billows terribly in the back when I wear a belt with it, and it looks weird sometimes from the side. The hem is also sometimes uneven because of the belt, so a check in the mirror is a good idea if one is picky :)

So that's my instant gratification project! I think I should do more of these.
Oh wait; I have! I also made a 60s dress! More on that later ;)


  1. Wow! This looks great! I love the back slit-- very modern and sexy. We can all be highly critical of what we make but I think sometimes the only person who sees all the flaws is the maker (only because you want to get better, right?). I love your dress.

  2. Oh la la! Great dress Siri! Totally sexy looking. Sometimes you need to sew up something gratifying in order to keep on trudging on a different project :)

  3. Very nice! I love the fabric! The black belt is a perfect addition to the dress!

  4. That dress is so nice to wear it in hot days ... I think the hem is fine ... it looks so sexy and elegant at the same time, a winner! I can not wait to see more about your 60s dress ...

  5. This style really suits you. I'm glad to see you have your sewing mojo back!

  6. The more projects on this pattern I see, the more I want to make it. It's such a perfect summer dress! Love your choice of fabric, beautiful dress!

  7. I love this outfit, and it looks great in the black/white :) It's about zero degrees here in Tasmania - so hard to think about scant summery outfits, but I think my teenage daughter would love this.