Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A bit out of sync!

Hello everyone!

I just had to make a real effort today, getting a blog post done.
If not for any readers that might drop by, then definitely for my own sake. I seem to have lost my focus big time as summer came upon us. I have hardly sewn a thing, knitted some rows half-heartedly, and neglected my blog. Time to get back on track now!

Even if my sewing machine has felt lonely lately, I've gotten lots done. I finished a humongous flowerbed, after a couple of years planning. We also laid all that cobblestone, and things are starting to look nice around our house. Finally!

This is what the front of our house looked like when we bought it.
Just sad, really.

Looking better!
Still some way to go..

It all looks better, but it still needs time to fill out. My flowerbed is filled with two kinds of Hostas, and some Alchemilla mollis. Also bought a small japanese maple tree, which I hope one day will be tall and gorgeous with its red leaves.

Acer Japonicum 'Atropurpureum'

Alchemilla mollis

Hosta 'Franchee'

As I might have mentioned earlier, I've developed a total crush on running! I have signed up for a couple more races in september, and training hard. I really enjoy getting into shape, and have maybe channeled my focus mostly through my running shoes.... ahem. I will freely admit that buying running shoes is just as addictive as fabric shopping!

Best friends. Pathetic, I know :)

But actually, I DID sew something! My first curtain for our front door entrance. Yes, it is small and un-fancy, but I got it made. I don't know why, but I hate sewing square things! Curtains and pillow cases, and table cloths... ACK!
Such a waste of time and fabric. But once I hung the darn thing, I kind of dug it :) Maybe home decorating isn't as bad after all?

My camera is shit indoors, but you get the general idea!

In other and more exciting news; just this week and then one more to go until summer vacation! Work has been strenuous lately, so I am really looking forward to three weeks off completely. Maybe I'll get my sewing mojo going!? Stay tuned :)


  1. Wow you've been busy! You did a great job with the flower bed and cobblestones!
    I haven't been sewing much lately as well, lost my mojo again I think.

    1. Yes, me and Mr.Pinhouse kicked eachothers butts, and got to work. It was about time, as it has looked like a dump for too long..
      Sewing mojo is an elusive thing, I seem to be more focused in winter. I hope you find yours, your makes are always wonderful!

  2. Your house looks beautiful now! Good job!

  3. Gardening and home stuff takes up a lot of your time! I am with you on sewing home decor stuff --boring. I haven't sewn lately because of two filed projects so I am hoping a quick little project will inspire me again. Sometimes, I think, it is good to take a break!

    1. Oh, thank goodness it's not just me :) I feel like such a lousy housewife :P
      Breaks are good, but small projects are even better! Let's have a bit of both :)

  4. Heisann, der var du jo. Har savna deg! Du har jammen hatt det travelt, så det er nok ikke så rart at sy-lysten har dabbet litt av. Det går trått her også, alt for mye å gjøre på jobben. Der ser du, du fikser jo gardiner! Men det beste med å sy gardiner er å bli ferdig ;-)
    OBS: Det er vikingmarked på Borre (Horten) til helga. Store muligheter til shopping av stoff (ull og lin). Og mye annet rart å se! God sommer!

    1. Ja her er jeg!!
      Overrasket over at noen i det hele tatt merker at jeg er borte innimellom, men veldig koselig :)
      Takk for tips om Horten!! Svigersene mine bor der, kanskje et kombibesøk er på sin plass?? Unskyldninger til å shoppe stoff er alltid stas!

  5. Your garden looks beautiful! Well done you - that's an incredible amount of work. And I hear you on the home decor front...I don't care how great the fabric is, sewing cushions/curtains/etc is always a chore!

  6. Thanks Danielle :) it was alot of work, but the fun bit is that our garden (currently a crater) on the other side of the house needs doing too! Four times the size of this...sigh. Lucky I love gardening!

  7. Your cobblestones look great, a job well done. I agree it's hard fitting in all the things we want to do with all the things we have to do, there are not enough hours in the day for me sometimes.
    I'm in awe of your 4 pairs of running shoes!