Saturday, 18 April 2015

Haberdashery disappointment

Hello all!

Well, this post is just me getting my rant on about the #1 thing that annoy me the most. Bad quality items.

The dissappointing item in question.

In my quest for the perfect button for my first Ceylon, I decided that self covered buttons were the way to go. I found a kit at my local fabric store ages ago, and found them in my stash for this project.
They were easy to make and looked really good, so I went back and got enough boxes to see me through the final version as well.

Last weekend I wore my green Ceylon for my hubbys 40th birthday party. As I was getting dressed, on of the buttons just dropped off, and left hanging on the dress was the button shank..... And I had ten guests coming in 15 minutes.
The worst thing was, I had this happen when I first sewed the buttons to the dress. I wrote it off as the one rotten egg in the basket, but now I am not so sure.

Well, that's just swell...

I managed to save the day by wearing a small vintage brooch, in place of the button. That was just pure luck, as the missing button was the one most centered on the bodice.

It may seem like a small thing, but now because of the buttons, the dress can't be trusted.
I was planning to wear it on our sportscar trip to Denmark in May, but if that means carrying extra buttons and sewing kit at all times, it is not happening.

Le héros du jour!

All the buttons will need to be replaced now, and a different option will have to be found for the final Ceylon. Ah-nnoyed!

Have you ever had this happen to you? Do you now have brands you stay clear of?


  1. :( This happened to me with zippers. I finished a lovely Anna/Emery dress and put the zipper in and it failed after one wear! Then when I removed it and attempted to put a new on in, the fabric was not happy and now the new does not sit right.

    1. Ack! It's the worst! At least it has tought me to get quality items....
      I am sorry about your dress. Perfect excuse to make another one ;) I know, too many dress patterns to make the same twice :D

  2. Oh that stinks :( The covered buttons look great with the dress too :(
    I hope it isn't all of them that are bad quality.

    1. I still have three boxes of those little shits. I am not taking any chances, so I guess they will live in my stash forever :)