Friday, 17 April 2015

1940s suit inspiration

After having that major sewing spur over the Easter holidays, my sewing has slowed down drastically. I blame my job, I have been working graveyard hours this last week, starting at 0300 in the mornings and working extra hours after the regular 8, so I don't feel like squeezing any sewing in on top of all that.

But that does not mean I don't think about it!
I suddenly realized that the deadline for the Spring for Cotton sewalong is just a couple of weeks away, and I best get sewing that final Ceylon dress. I feel it will be fine, I have had two test runs already and don't think there will be any unforseen problems with that one.

Lately, I have been thinking alot about suits. I think it was Lauriana, at Petit Main Sauvage, that awoke my interest initially with this image of a fabulous ensemble from the fifties.
I was also watching Foyle's war over easter, and I always get 40s fashion urges after seeing it.

So I went searching online for some more inspiration. And there's lots!!
This first image is rather an iconic one and turns up "everywhere" 1940s fashion is discussed. Four lovely stylish ladies walking down the street, turning heads no doubt. I especially like the jacket on the far right, with the belted waist, the sharp lapels and two tone collar. The short sleeved bolero jacket is lovely too, and the dress underneat has some beautiful underbust gathers and just a great slim silhouette.


There seemed to be a great variety of lapel shapes and detailing like gathers, pintucks and different pocket flaps and buttoning. Some were heavier, more utilitarian pieces, while others were more dressy, made of lighter fabrics. More suitable for a night out dancing, than running errands.

(All following photos belongs to

Nice rounded lapels, and padded shoulders
 that put emphasis on the small waist.

Plenty of buttons and a lovely neckline.

I think this is my favorite lapel shape.
This  suit has a distinct military flavor to it.

Lots of interesting details, and a rather unusual color.
I wonder if it is a faux belt, sewn onto the jacket
and not actually closing at the front.

Just a fabulous chic jacket.
It looks to be very well made.
Allthough it has padded shoulders, it is not the typical sharp 40s shape.

The three following pieces are your more dressy ones. The cream bolero suit is gorgeous with its trumpet sleeves and clean lines. The grey one has a wonderful drape at the waist, and the light blue one has dramatic shoulders and an interesting darted neckline. The embroidery is stunning.

I love the color on this one.
The belted waist looks wonderful and the jacket has
pintucked shoulders and waist that create fullness at the bust.

I would really like to make a suit for myself. Or maybe two! There are so many lovely options. Womens two piece suits makes for a very put together look, and I think they have many uses. Dressed up or down with accessories, a plain suit is very versatile. I also feel I am that "grown up" now that I could use a suit or two! I couldn't find a picture, but I envision a short sleeved plaid version for summer in a linen blend perhaps?

What about you? Could you see yourself in a suit? Or do you regularly rock one?


  1. I love the suit with all the buttons!
    I have a number of vintage jackets in my wardrobe, love wearing them, although I wear them in a very different fashion now, usually with slacks or jeans. But, I encourage you to make a suit..or 2 :). You look great in vintage pieces and I think that you'll especially use the jacket in lots of different outfit combinations.

    1. Yes, that is my thought too! The jackets are so timeless and goes with everything. I started researching patterns last night. I takes some serious restraint not to buy them all!!

  2. I love your plans, I too am going to make my first vintage suit, this year.

    I love the cream bolero outfit, I have just finished a similar ensemble, but not blogged it yet... I have two suit patterns that I'm considering (as well as making another bolero and skirt to co-ordinate)

    Have a look here:

    Thanks for sharing and reminding me to get on with my sewing hehe. x

    1. The creme suit is my favorite, too! I need to make one exactly like it :) Love your plans, the Advance suit is my favorite of the two patterns :) Good luck with your suit sewing!

  3. Love the 40s suit inspiration -- such glamour! Good suits are never out of style.

    1. Totally swoon-worthy! But I fear it takes some skill *bites nails*

  4. Love the military-like suit up there. I don't have any but I always think women that wear them are put together and polished. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Stinks about the graveyard shift :(

  5. I love suits too! So chic, especially with a matching hat, gloves and shoes. I made my first skirt suit some 8 years ago I believe. In burgundy wool. The wool cost a pretty penny, but I was determined not to skimp. I used couture techniques, and even took apart one of my vintage jackets to have a closer look at interlining, seams, padding etc. It turned out well, but now I rather think it would be better if I narrowed the shoulders, so I'll probably do that when the urge hits me. You can see it here: