Monday, 7 October 2013

Wearing History WWII Overalls

In an effort to share with you what I have made up until this point, I present to you my take on the Wearing History's WWII Overalls!

I sincerely apologize for the bad bandana, these photos were taken on a whim and I had a bad hairday, mkay? I obviously can't pose to save my life, either, so please just look at the pants :)
This is my second ever garment I've sewn, finished about 4 months ago.

When I decided to try this pattern, I was not quite sure if a high waisted style would suit me. I am still not sure if it is very flattering... I am not curvy at all, and have no bottom to fill out these trousers with, so it looks rather "empty". I added back pockets to the design, because without them, my behind looked like the face of the moon. Just a whole lotta flat nothing, so I felt I needed to break up the area with something. It helped some.

I am most happy with the buttons I found. I wanted a nautical twist on the pants, and what is better than anchor buttons??

O'hoi anchors :)
The pattern was a down-loadable one, and just required some printing, cutting and taping. Piece of cake, really :) The instructions clearly stated to make a muslin, which I totally ignored. The overalls ending up wearable is no thanks to me, and I highly recommend to make a muslin as the crotch location is very different than on modern style pants. If I make these again, I will definitely put down some more effort in getting a better fit.

Instructions were very clear and easy to follow, but when it came to the side buttoning placket, I just fell off the wagon completely. I had to ask around for some hints, and ended up figuring it out eventually :)
It seemed there was an extra piece of facing, but I might be wrong. My overall still function without it, so obviously not a vital part. This pattern packet also contains pieces for a playsuit and regular trousers, so maybe the extra part belongs to one of the other garments?

Another thing, the pattern pieces for the bodice has dart lines marked with the same kind of lines as for cutting. So being a newb, I cut along the cutting lines, minding my own business. But when I went to sew the darts, I quickly found out that those lines were seam lines, and I had to cut new bodice pieces.

The button holes are all hand sewn, using white embroidery floss. I think they turned out quite nice, but the technique sure can do with some more practice.

All in all, I view these overalls as a learning experience. The pattern is great. They were lots of fun to make, and they are very comfy to wear, but I feel they are kind of not flattering to my figure. Before I made them, I was inspired by other gals making them, all very curvy and feminine, and on those booties the trousers look awesome!!!
Maybe I should make a bum pad :P 

Have you ever made something that did nothing for your figure?


  1. WOW!!! This is only your second garment?! You must have excellent natural skills!

  2. Thank you Béa! Yes, I really tossed myself into the advanced stuff right on :)
    I was just lucky these wasn't a disaster though..! All well, that ends well, eh?

  3. Super cute! I think they look great! If you're not 100% happy with the fit, these could always be a bum around the house/do yard work pair.

  4. Thank you Stephanie :) Your overall was one of those great makes that made me try this pattern! Love your contrast seams and lined bodice ;)

  5. Those are wonderful, from the buttons on the side to the detail that you added to the pockets, what a great creation!

  6. I love these overalls! It looks amazing on you! :) I can't believe it's just your second garment! Good job you!

  7. Thank you Kathy, it means a lot to me ;)

  8. These are impressive!! And you look so cute in them! The fact that those are only your second Garment is SUPER impressive!! VERY well done!
    I love the bias tape accents.And they are SO well done.. I'm trying to figure out how you did them on the pocket flaps. I sew dresses all the time, but this one..I salute you!
    Your hand sewn button holes look great. All in all, a very neat and clean job.
    You will have a great wardrobe to look forward to, cuz you clearly have a naturqal understanding of garment making and how it supposed to be done!! :)
    Both thumbs enthusiastically up!! :D