Saturday, 5 October 2013

My very first blouse!

As you may have noticed, I claim to sew, but yet there are still no documented finished garments on my blog.
I thought it was about time to change that, so I present to you my first me-made blouse!
It is made from Simplicity #4813, printed in 1953.

I made this a couple of months ago, after seeing the pattern made up on someone's blog (sorry, I am memory-challenged). Since I didn't yet own any nice blouse patterns, I wanted to give this one a try. It is frequently for sale on Etsy or Ebay. It has interesting tab details, a front pocket, yoked back with a nice big pleat and tab, and a cute Peter Pan collar.

It was easy to make, but I struggled a bit with the narrow rolled hem that is supposed to curve up by the side seams. They were a bitch, but I managed to produce something I can live with...
I also ran into problems when attaching the collar, somehow it was too long for the neck opening, so I had to carefully shave some off of the back piece neck line, kind of scooping it. It worked out fine :)

I also think I had too much wine when attaching the cuffs, they're on backwards.

Backwards (fully functional) cuff!

The cuffs are also self drafted as I wanted them rounded like the collar. Besides, the first ones I cut out from the pattern, was too short, and I like to have blood circulating in my arms :)

The blouse is comfy and easy to wear, and would probably look even better tucked in, but as of now I only own stupid pants and the shirt is too short to stay down in them. But for casual, I like it like this. Maybe I some day get around to sew a skirt that I can wear with this one :)

Oh, and I also almost ruined it after it was nearly finished. I was going to pink the seam allowances, and actually cut a hole in the back. Doh!! But I am nothing, if not creative, so I made this elegant patch on the back. Chic, non?

If you are going to screw up, do it near the centre ;)

So, it is safe to say, I am a total amateur, but then things can only improve :) I am happy with this blouse, and it taught me alot!

Happy as a clam ;)

Have you ever tried this pattern? Or do you have a favorite vintage blouse pattern to share with me?


  1. This is fab! It's a great wardrobe staple, and a classic design. I love the back tab, and your patch is a really cool design feature!

    I really want to try making a blouse, but I need to build up my confidence first.

  2. Why thank you, Béa ;)

    You should just go for the blouse sewing, it is not that hard! I was a bit afraid of the collar, but it really is nothing to it :) I say go for it!!

  3. I love the blouse. The curved collar is adorable and what a great idea to change the cuffs to match the collar. I have also had mishaps with scissors and what you did to make the repair is very creative, I would have never thought of that! I will definitely dig through my patterns and see if I have this one, and if not guess I will be adding to my stash!

    1. Did a quick search on Etsy, and there are currently over ten of this pattern for sale. Cheap, too ;)
      Ah, it sure is good to hear I am not alone waving scissors around, sometimes I'm like a kid :P

  4. I love the blouse! I really like the cuffs you drafted to match your collar. I love the tabs in the back and the patch! Those are actually my favorite things about your blouse. I would have never guessed you used it to fix a mistake. I wouldn't be as creative. I can't wait to see more! :) BTW, you did good for your first blouse! :)

    1. Thank you Kathy, for your kind comment ;) You know, I kind of like the patch myself! It's so nice when things work out :D