Saturday, 24 August 2013

Challenge fabric score!!

It is slowly coming together, the bits and bobs for the challenge!
So the pattern I decided to sew up, was of course the lovely yoked dress from 1947.

I have other nice dress patterns in my stash, but I wanted something not collared or shirtwaisted, nor evening/party-esqe. Or very summery. Winter is fast approaching over here in Norway-land, and I know I will want to wear this piece in near future (if I can pull it off, that is...)
This pattern features three different sleeve options (long, short and 3/4) cuffed or hemmed. Front yoke with topstitching and gathering, jewel neckline, two waist darts and two in the back. Optional pockets. And best of all, button down front, which means no zipper. *happydance*

Went to my local fabric store today just to see if I could make my mind up on what kind of fabric to use for my dress. I spent all of Friday night trawling online shops for some, but came up with nothing. I knew I ideally wanted something in muted plaid, either in browns and mustard, greens or plum-ish. I saw plenty of other fabrics I would gladly hoard for my stash, but decided to slam on the brakes, and ONLY buy what i needed. Hence, no online shopping. *sulk*

The store had several options on 100% cottons, but nothing that really turned me on, so to speak. But suddenly, in a bottom row, there was this nice plum grid over powder pink, light, supersoft "baby corderoy". Perfect for a cosy autumn dress! And best of all, only 33 NOK, or about $5 or £3.50 a yard, which in Norway is about as cheap as cheap gets! I bought six yards along with some powder pink cotton voile for lining.

I am really not sure how the lining will behave along with the other cotton. I fear bunching between layers, but one will not learn, until one tries :) I asked the lady at the store, and she encouraged me to have a go. Easy for her to say. I am the one facing possible public ridicule! If it turns out really stupid, I'll just replace it after the challenge. *smug*

Only thing missing now, is buttons. I am hoping to just stumble over some vintage ones, but if this fails, I have some back-up-options. I am also pondering on whether or not I should do the yoke and cuffs in a contrasting solid. We'll see along the way :)

I am ready!

Have you joined the challenge yet? Hope to see you there!


  1. That fabric is all kinds of fun! I just love that the lines are a little wonky, wavy and overlapping each other. Perfect mid-century style choice for this fun, classic dress pattern.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yes, isn't it just fabarooney? I literally fell to the floor :)
      There was also the same in bottle green with black grid (and you know what we think of greens ;) Needless to say , I'll be going back. Thanks for your nice comment!

  2. Hi Siri, now it's my turn to have a look at YOUR blog as well... I first thought by your name you come from a Scandinavian country. I have been to Norway once, at the North Cape, maaaaany years ago.

    I love your pattern. I was torn between a 40s dress and a 50s, but in the end it was the fabric that took the decision. Your corduroy is a lovely fabric, I think in person it looks even nicer. Like Jessica, I love the not too strict grid pattern, and for fall a corduroy is always an excellent choice. My pattern has no sleeves, so it's going to be a summer dress - not very smart for September, but then, there will be another summer next year. And like in Norway, in Switzerland fabrics (and everything else) is quite expensive, so this is an amazing price for such a wonderful material.

    I hope you enjoy your bottle of wine. Well, sewing is fun, and why not have a glass of wine with it? :)

    Kind regards from Switzerland, Doris aka Mrs. Button

    1. Hi Doris! I've been away for the weekend, and it was so nice to come home and read you comment :) It makes my day!
      What fun to hear you've been to Norway, I hope you come back! Feel free to stop by ;)
      I am very happy with my fabric! Although I initially wanted plaid, I have to admit it terrifies me, with the matching and all. I am going to try my best to match this pattern, but if I make some (small) mistakes, hopefully it wont be that noticeable :)
      I am struggling with sleeve-decisions with my dress. I cannot decide on the length. If I wear something with long sleeves, I tend to pull them up to my elbows, a 3/4 sleeve will bunch under jackets and I think they feel funny. A short sleeve is not winter appropriate, however it will be worn mostly indoors anyway, but I really don't know.. Ah, decisions!
      Muslin making will be the way to go..