Tuesday, 4 October 2016

New friends

This post is not sewing related in the slightest. Maybe remotely related to yarns and spinning, but most of all it is 100% related to pure cuteness!

Frosty ground, crispy autumn mornings.

Sunday was a glorious sunny, crisp autumn day, and I was invited to a spinning get-together at a new friends house. She lives on her small farm in the woods, with all her animals. She keeps sheep, goats, a llama called Max, dogs, chickens and lots of angora rabbits. We were a small party of 7, but we had a wonderful time in a small cozy house overlooking the big grazing paddock dotted with sheep. We spun, had lots of tea and goodies, and talked and spun for hours.

I got to know this woman at a local spinning group I have been attending once a month. At the last meeting, I got the impression she needed to find new homes for two of her angoras, and when I was at her house on Sunday I got to meet them.
The first one was unhandled, and very skittish, and would be quite the project. But the other one was a very inquisitive, calm and friendly little one, and I just fell in love. The owner had decided that if nobody wanted any of them, they would be euthanized, there was just no way she could keep them.

I love all animals, and I feel that if I can help, I will. So, long story short, I went home with a bunny!

And this is he! Isn't he cute? He is about 7 months old, and is a Satin angora, meaning he has a little less fur than his angora relatives. Angoras get massive coats, and also has tufts on the ears and long fur on their faces and feet. They need to be clipped every third months, but mine will make do with 2-3 haircuts per year. As you can see, he has just gotten one, and is looking a bit sad. His fur was matted and in quite a state, so it needed to go. But it will soon grow back, and he will be a fluffy little thing again. The fur makes super soft silky yarn, and is warmer than sheepswool.

Here he is, romping around and having a ball
his first day here! He is so spirited :)

I never planned for this, and we had a rather unenthused welcome from the Mr. when we arrived home. I couldn't care less, I love my new furry friend. And I can barely wait to spin his fur into silky yarn! But best of all, is the feeling of having saved this little creatures life.


  1. My daughter would love a rabbit but we are not allowed them here in our state! We minded our friends guinea pigs and they would get so excited when I would bring the fruit and vege scraps ;o)

  2. Guinea pigs are lovely pets! I used to breed them once upon a time. They are so inquisitive and vocal, lots of fun☺ if they grew spinning fibre, I would keep some😁

  3. He is so adorable. Actually my rabbit Lala just celebrated his 5th birthday last week (https://sewbeading.wordpress.com/2014/10/15/piccadilly-sweater-skirt-liberty-jane/). Granted he wasn't too thrilled about getting brushed. Rabbits definitely have a big personality in a little package. Good luck bunny proofing the house.

  4. He is gorgeous, and yey for saving him!

  5. Så søt! Det er fort gjort å bli dyreeier litt uplanlagt. Men du kan jo argumentere for at han er nyttig (fiberprodusent) da. ;-)

    1. He he, ja! Det var litt lange masker her da vi kom hjem. Men sjarmen gjør underverker, så surmulinga går nok over :D

  6. How cute! That bunny will always make you smile :)