Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Turning 40 (in a while) isn't all that bad!!

Wow, time has really flown by these past weeks since Easter.
I think it's the longer brighter days, my energy is up and we've had some glorious spring weather here in the south of Norway lately. Windy, but still nice :) So ideal for gardening and running.

I took a road trip up north to visit my parents some weeks ago now, to cheer myself up. It totally worked, and it is always so nice to  be "home". Even though I've had my own home for many years, home is still with my mum and dad. I'll never be too old for that :) It is a very long drive, just over 2000 km there and back, but all that is forgotten as soon as I set foot on their doorstep.

This visit also had a special agenda, as I have been so fortunate to inherit my Grandmothers spinning wheel! There was no way we would risk sending it in the mail, so I had to go get it.

I can still hardly believe it!
I didn't even know it excisted in our family, but luckily, my father hung on to it after she passed. I knew my grandmother was a very thrifty and crafty woman, but I never saw her using a spinning wheel. We lived some distance apart, and didn't see eachother as much as I wish we did. I was always very fond of going to see my grandma when I was little, and have many good memories.

As I turn 40 later this summer (sigh), I got the spinning wheel as a present in advance, complete with carders and everything! Isn't it beautiful? I just love the thought of getting to use and love something that used to belong to my gran. It really means alot to me.

As you all  may know, my spinning knowledge is limited to the drop spindle, but I did try the wheel out up north, and I actually managed to spin something yarn-like. Operating a spinning wheel is a bit like patting your head with one hand, and circling your other hand over your tummy, but once you crack the code it becomes second nature.

I have not been spinning since I got home, there has instead been some great progress on my new sewing space (yay!!) and some tatting, but I plan to sit myself down soon with my lovely wheel :) My big box of wool is just waiting for me to get spinning!


  1. What a beuatiful present! It's a really treasure!

    1. Yes, I love it! It is a nice feeling to have a link to a loved one, even if it's "just an object".

  2. wow that wheel is just gorgeous!!! That is one great present :D I'm glad you are feeling better too!