Thursday, 10 December 2015

Little works of art!

Hello again!

A few weeks back, I decided to teach myself how to tat.
Now, in 2015 it rather rare to find women happily tatting away on their doilies and chemise-edgings, so I struggled a bit with finding the right tools for the job.

I ended up needle tatting on some tapestry needles, and although it worked alright, I knew I was going to need shuttles for proper tatting. The only ones I could find in Norway was online, and made of plastic. I was not feeling the enthusiasm, and had a look on our beloved Etsy, to see if I could find some that I liked better. What can I say, I like pretty things :)

I came across a Hungarian Etsy-shop called Banyek, that had many different lovely tatting shuttles, hand made in wood. I think I spent and entire evening, looking at all the pretty shuttles, but ended up ordering two. I didn't know which size to go for, so the two are slightly different in size. The smaller on is 2.5" and the larger is 3".

I was very happy with my purchase when they arrived. They were properly packed and shipped by registered mail, and arrived quickly. So if your in the market for a shuttle, Laszlo is your man! I think it feels very good to support small businesses, and talented crafty people.

I tried the smaller one yesterday evening. I have to say, having learnt how to do something one way, and then doing the same thing entirely the opposite way, is quite the challenge for ones brain. I could just feel the new neural pathways forming!!

I struggled a bit figuring out how to handle the thing and hold the thread with the left hand, but after 30 mins (and a few youtube videos later) I got it. The tatting gets much firmer and more even, because I no longer have to keep the stitches loose enough the slide over a needle eye. But there is still a long way to go. The technique is quite different with a shuttle, so I have lots of practicing to do before I have anything remotely worth showing :)

Here you can see the difference in quality. The shuttle tatting is on the left, and is much more even and with smaller stitches. The ring on the right is needle tatted, and has about one third fewer stitches than the other ring. It is floppier and fatter because the stitches are so loose.

I am really excited to get tatting now! I love my Hungarian shuttles :)

Have you learnt any new skills lately?

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