Friday, 27 November 2015

Corset storage bag - and how you can make one, too!

Hello again!

I'm back, to show you all my latest project I told you about the other day.
After making my corset, I found I needed something to keep it in. You know, to keep it free from dust and to protect it from anything that could harm it, like zippers or velcro. Something good for travelling, too. I needed a storage bag of some sort, and here it is!

I drafted a pattern for it myself, after measuring the length of my corset. It is really just a simple drawstring bag, with a round bottom. It is made from two layers, and all raw edges are encased for a clean look. I used plain white cotton, but I bet a nice 1880s lady would have had a silk bag for her corset.

I knew I wanted some embellishment on it, and first considered doing a monogram like on the chemise. But then I remembered my tatting. Wouldn't it be nice with a little bit of me-made lace? Yes:) (funnily, I now want to put tatted edges on everything...)

I think it turned out super cute, and I am very happy with it. It made up in a couple of hours, and looking at it, I think it would be great for other things, too. Like storing shoes in, perhaps. Maybe as a gift wrapper, something to stick a winebottle into, to give to a friend?

So, although I know you are all capable of making up your own stuff, I've decided to add a little how-to if anyone want to make their own storage bag :) It is a quick, easy project, perfect for a beginner sewist.

For one bag, you will need:

  • two rectangles (50x60cm), and two circles (20cm in diameter) in the fabric of your choice
  • two metal eyelets/grommets
  • a ribbon about two feet long

Here's how you do it:
  1. Stitch together the shorter sides of your rectangles, 1 cm seam allowance. Press seams.
  2. Pin or baste one of the round pieces to each of your tubes (making sure the raw edges are facing the same way). You now have to bag-like objects.
  3. Set eyelets in your outer bag. Place them about 1" (2.5cm) apart, and 9cm from the (raw) top edge. (I placed mine at the center front, the side seam of the bag is center back.)
  4. Take one of your bags, and turn it wrong side out. Put the other bag inside the first, so that right sides are facing each other and you can see raw edges both inside and outside of your bag.
  5. Line up the side seam of your two bags, and the top edge, neatly. Stitch together at top, leaving a 2" (5cm) gap.
  6. Turn your bag right sides out, through the gap in the top. You now have one long sausage-like object with all raw edges enclosed. Tuck the one half that doesn't have eyelets, inside of the other, to form a bag. Press the top edge, and hand stitch the gap closed from the right side.
  7. On the outside of your bag, mark the stitching lines for the drawstring channel. Measure from the top edge, and have your eyelets centered between the two lines. Mine are approx. 2cm apart. Do not place the lines too close to the eyelets, or you will have trouble with your presser foot hitting (and sliding off of) the eyelet when stitching. I used my zipper foot for the seam, which enables the seam to get quite close to the eyelet.
  8. Thread the channel with a suitable ribbon.
Congratulations! You have made a corset storage bag!!

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  1. Great idea to keep the corset safe :) Love the tatting on the edges, it gives it just the right feminine touch.