Saturday, 10 October 2015

Practicing new skills

Hello everyone :)

My Victorian sewing is progressing nicely. This last week I have been working on my first chemise.
I am using Laughing Moon #100 as a pattern, and it has been a nice experience. The fabric I got wasn't batiste, but ok for my first try. Totally usable:)

I am also doing the split crotch drawers, to make a full set of unmentionables. I haven't started on those yet, though.

The chemise pattern is kind of a blank canvas, so any embellishments of any sort is up to the maker. I didn't add any lace trim to the neck or armholes, simply because I didn't know if the chemise would have a good fit on me right out of the envelope. I drafted a size 12, and it was pretty much perfect. I did however add some tiny pin tucks to the front and back. They are quick to do and really make a big difference. I pin tucked the fabric before cutting out the pieces, so it was really easy, and no need to calculate extra fabric on the pieces to be tucked.

I also wanted to have my monogram on the chemise, so some embroidery was in order. This was done after the chemise was sewn, but before fastening the facings on the insides, as I didn't want any stitches to show on the inside. Surely, it would have been easier to do before cutting the fabric piece, but again, I didn't know the fit. It was no problem. I used an embroidery ring/hoop, and slid a post-it note between the two layers of fabric to prevent the needle catching the facing.

I haven't done much hand embroidery in the past, but I think it came out ok. The monogram template is from on of my 1919 fashion magazines, and the leafy ring around it was me expressing some artistic freedom.

In other news, my corset is on the back burner for the time being. I needed some notions for it that had to be ordered fro the UK, and the darn shipment is sitting at customs due to "lack of documentation". I guess the seller marked the shipment gift, and now they're  harassing me to spill the beans on the value so they can charge me the taxes. Well, I am sure I'll get my goods eventually.

Have a lovely weekend, and happy sewing ;)


  1. This is so pretty! I love the pintucks and the monogramming. Can't wait to see the full set!

  2. Oh, this is dreamy and romantic. Your handwork is really lovely. Really!