Sunday, 12 January 2014

A new design in cable stitch

Happy new year, all!
After a lot of waiting for the planets to align, non-crappy weather and light (and a decent hair day) I gave up, and photographed regardless. (Well, at least the weather was decent :)

So I am happy to present to you; my entry for the Knit for Victory challenge/ knit-along hosted by Tasha.
The pattern is 'A New Design in Cable Stitch', free from the V&A Museum online.

The cardigan took me 4 weeks from start to finish, and was a fairly easy pattern. The sizing was, well, abit of a puzzle, and even though I added extra stitches to fronts and back and blocked it vigorously it is still quite small. I can wear it buttoned up, but don't care for the "skin-of-the-sausage-look". 40s fashion was close fitting, mainly due to rationing, but nowadays and extra skein of yarn is not a problem. But I think I will wear this open, thank you very nicely ;)

I initially wanted a green cardi, but the one shade in the store didn't turn me on so I ended up with this light blue, and I quite like it. The buttons are not vintage, but cute shanked plastic buttons with flowers on them in a "frosted" look.

The only thing I didn't like is how the cables don't meet up on the shoulders. Due to the decreasing on the back piece armhole shaping, it doesn't add up when assembling the cardigan. Purely cosmetic, I know, but being a perfectionist things like that annoy me.

If I was to knit this one again, I probably would make it slightly longer, so that the junction between ribbing and the cabled portion would hit my natural waist. But it was hard to tell during knitting if I would get into it at all! This project taught me a lot, and next time I will be able to better adjust these things.

After all, this is only my second knitted garment (other than socks, mittens, hats and scarves) and all in all I like this cardigan very much. I've seen multiple versions from other knitters in all kinds of beautiful colors and with fun buttons. It looks gorgeous in black!

On another note, my hubster uttered a request for a sweater, so I am now busy with a traditional Norwegian 'Marius'-sweater. It was designed in 1953, but is based upon stitch patterns from the 20s and 30s.
It is named after war hero and skier Marius Eriksen, and is very popular in Norwayland these days. The design is on everything from coffee mugs to Ipad-covers, even cars!!


I cast on Dec. 23rd, knitted the whole body on the round, found out it was too small (even for me!!!), frogged the whole buggar, and started over a week ago....sigh.
More on that later (just the arms to go now!) but here's a little teaser :)

So, tell me; what are you working on??


  1. Åh, den ble kjempelekker! Du kler den godt, og jeg synes ikke den skulle vært noe lenger. Fin på håret er du også, jeg får ikke til sånn rull den veien.
    Jeg har ikke kommet i gang med noen sy eller strikkeprosjekter enda, er fortsatt litt daff etter juleferien antar jeg.
    Godt nytt år!

    1. Takk Heidi! Jo, den daffheten kjenner jeg til.... Sitter å TENKER jeg skulle ha sydd ditt og datt, men det blir helst sofa og strikketøy nå om dagen. Det siste jeg har sydd, var ullskjørtet. Fikk til en perfekt usynlig glidelås, og skulle ta det på da jeg oppdaget at det var for stort! ARGhh!! Mistet lysten etter det hehe :) Men skal gå på igjen. Snart.

  2. My goodness Siri! That's an amazing cardigan. It makes me want to start knitting as well! I think your pictures are fantastic. It's a breathtaking view.

    1. Thanks, Kathy ;) Knitting is a great thing, and it is very portable too, so whenever you have down time just pull it out! It is not that hard, either, so give it a go:)
      Quite happy with my view, too. It is from our sundeck and garden, overlooking our small town. I should be Mayor, hehe :D Normally, there should be a meter of snow out on there, but all we've had this year is a light sprinkle...

  3. My word, that is beautiful! I love the length, the punchy, gorgeous colour, the buttons - everything! Excellent work, dear Siri. If you had a shop and sold these beauties, I highly suspect they'd go like hotcakes!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Aww thanks, Jessica, if I could make a living sewing and knitting I would! But slim chance of that, I am afraid... There's just not enough hours in a day ;)
      But I sure can top off my own wardrobe (it needs it) :D

  4. I love you cable cardigan. I am biased as it is in my favourite colour! Well done for starting again on the jumper - if I had to frog a whole body I think it would be abandoned! I admire your perseverance!

    1. Thanks for stopping by :D

      To be quite honest with you, I mostly wanted to flush the sh*tter down the toilet, but thing is I *promised* him the sweater, and was rather smug about how "fast and easy" it would be......sigh. That should teach me and my big mouth :)

  5. Many thanks or your kind comments on my blog!
    Your cardigan is really lovely, the colour is a gorgeous shade of blue. Well done for creating such a great piece on only your second attempt.
    The scenery on your photographs is stunning by the way, what a lovely place to live.

    1. Hey! How nice of you to drop by ;)
      And thanks for the compliments!

  6. fabulous sweater - it fits nicely, and the color is so flattering to your hair and complexion!

  7. The colour and pattern are fantastic.
    I just nominated your blog for a Liebster award. Information is on my blog: