Saturday, 30 November 2013


For those of you that might have missed me, I am still here!
Entangled in yarn!
You see, winter time in Norway is definitely knitting time for me, and after a few years of not knitting a stitch I am now wielding my needles like a crazy person!


The very talented Tasha, at By Gum By Golly, is hosting an awesome 40s knit-along these days, and the timing was perfect for me. The last weeks I have been kind of hoarding knitting patterns from just the 1940s, so the only conundrum left, was to choose ONE pattern. It's like telling a child to only choose ONE piece of candy in the candy store.....gah.

Anyways, I landed on a pattern called "A new design in cable stitch" and it is free from the Victoria and Albert Museum website. I see a couple of other knitters in the knit-along are using the same pattern, so obviously a tried and tested pattern. Besides, it feels safe to have the opportunity to nag other people, in the event of getting stuck. Hah!

So here's my progress so far, the back is done, and the left front nearly there. It is looking quite good for my first attempt at cabling. It really is rather easy, luckily.

The pattern states it is for a 37" bust, but it is alarmingly small at this stage. I know it will be blocked, but you know, your feelings are a bit split when the thing looks like a cabled straight jacket. I even knit a swatch, AND threw in some extra stitches for good measure. 40s sweaters tend to be on the close fitting side (the painted-on-look) so I am in suspense here! It will be fine, I'm sure (happy-thoughts!!!)...

Sewing wise, it has been a tad quiet, but I have an ongoing project from my sewing list, no less!
A petrol wool skirt, and I am trying out interlining this time. Also a first time attempt, and it is looking ok so far (although there has been slipping and cursing involved).
Here's a teaser:

The color on both the yarn and the wool fabric on these pictures, are not true. They are more teal-ish, and the avid reader will notice that I AM COLOR COORDINATING!!! (that's a first...)
Oh yes, I used my brain when shopping, and that deserves a glass of wine imho!

Have a lovely weekend, all!


  1. Great projects! I hope to join the knitalong in january!

    1. Thanks Anthea :) Can't wait to see what you'll knit ;)

  2. Oooh, det blir fint! Spennende stoff du har fått tak i til skjørtet, og strikkingen ser lekker ut! Et lite spørsmål: har du bestilt mønster fra Wearing History og fått dem sendt til Norge? Gikk det bra eller ble det mye "toll og tull".

    1. Takk & takk, Heidi!! Jeg kjøpte mønsteret som PDF-fil. Man får en link i en epost ved betaling og printer det ut selv hjemme. Litt taping og klipping og så er man klar :) Ikke vanskelig, men man må jo ha printer da...(og Paypal, el mulighet til å bruke Visa el liknende over nett) Pass bare på at du bestiller riktig størrelse-pakke. Det er tre str i hver, mener jeg det var. Om du bestiller papirutgaven, tror jeg ikke du får noe toll på det. Det kommer som brevpost, og da havner det som regel i postkassa uten omveier ;) Jeg handler MASSE mønstre fra utlandet, og får ikke noe ekstra utlegg. Pakker derimot.... :(

  3. Aha, takk! Jeg kan jo bestille pdf-mønster, men jeg kvier meg litt for å sette det sammen. Det er jo en del billigere enn papirmønster også. Usikker..... Jeg har lyst til å bestille Smooth Sailing :-)

    1. Ikke noe å grue seg for! Det er kjempeenkelt :) Alle sidene er nummererte, og det er tegnet og forklart i instruksjonen hvordan man gjør, så det skal mye til for å gjøre noe gærent. Bare å hoppe i det ;)

  4. I do "cheers" with your glass of wine! This pattern is knit on my wish list too, dear Lady. So I'll be poking around here more to see your progress on this beautiful project. Love this project sewing too ... I agree with you, coordinated are the best!