Sunday, 8 September 2013

Muslin fitting #2 (and #3....)

I haven't touched my sewing machine for almost two weeks, just too much life in the way. Which necessarily isn't a bad thing. I kind of lost my spiff on the last fitting, it was fun making a proper muslin, but discovering that I would have to make another one, was a bit blah..

After posting pictures of my first attempt, I was advised to do a full bust adjustment. A small one.
I would never have guessed in a million years that this was something I needed (seeing as I have no bust at all). So I found one of the many excellent tutorials on FBA's, and slashed my pattern pieces the way described.

I do apologize for the dark pictures, I really need to get that flash fixed...

I only added 1" in total to the bodice width, as I feared more baggyness. I also lengthened the bodice front by half an inch. I also added half an inch of width to the middle of the back piece, to help with the tight neckline and the possible tightness across the back with the sleeves attached. The armscye was also widened because of the FBA, so I was a bit excited to see how that would turn out with the sleeve piece being unaltered.

I lowered the front darts as they went all the way up to the bust apex, and just looked silly. Although they now look a little better, I think I need to move them about an inch towards the side seams.

I think the pull-lines from the bust are less on this muslin (than here), and it isn't tight so I will not add any more in terms of another FBA. However, now I think the problem area is the excess on the back piece, just below the armscye. The sleeve sits well on the shoulder and feels comfortable.

I was being lazy, and only tucked in the seam allowances on top and bottom, and didn't manage to do that properly either. At this point I was a bit disenchanted with the whole thing, to be honest.. So I put it away for a bit and went back a little later.

Here I was a good girl and basted the seam allowances in, took up a bit of excess fabric on the lower back of the armscye, which helped alot! I have to say, the muslin fabric is very thin and behaves a bit more sloppily than the fashion fabric will. Any wrinkling left on this muslin, will probably be helped some by the weight of the skirt that will be hanging from this bodice. I cannot expect it to look as it is painted on me either. There has to be some room to move.

So I am very tempted to announce that this will be my final pattern layout, to call it that. Besides, the mere thought of fiddling any more with this old bedskirt muslin, makes me want to curse and swear like a sailor. I have so little time to sew, so if I am ever to finish this dress for the Fall For Cotton challenge, I need to press on!


  1. It's looking good to me- especially that bib front. But I guess you know your own body best, so you know when things aren't quite right for you.

    Good luck with the fashion fabric!

  2. I think the third muslin looks good! You have more patience than I do, that's for sure. If the back is bothering you at all with your fashion fabric, you can lengthen the back dart. That's what I usually do for all of my patterns. Good job and I can't wait to see the process with your final fabric!

  3. Oh, sometimes muslins can drive me crazy! But I know it's for a good cause, getting a better fit! And you learn a lot about how te fit a garment/alter patterns.

    Good luck with the further progress!