Thursday, 10 April 2014

More muslin stuff.

So, powering on with the play suit!

I know muslins are not the most interesting of topics, but at least for my own sake I like to have some place to think out loud and maybe get some input on the fit of things.
So here it goes :

This is size 16 right out of the packet. Overall it is ok-ish, but on the right hand side of this photo there is some fabric pooling under the arm. I think maybe I should add a small dart to the side there. I am not wearing the "era appropriate" undergarments, so I will try that before I make the alteration. I don't know if adding that dart will change the fit/movement  of the sleeve though...

I feel the fit around the arm is ok, not restricted in any way, but I do wonder if I should add a small inch to the shoulder as the sleevehead sits too far in (if that makes sense). If you look at the top photo, the side without the sleeve attached, shows that the seam should go where the fabric ends.

There is some pulling from the collar towards the armscye and I think adding a bit to the shoulder would help with that. The front facing has fusible interfacing added to the whole piece, so it is a bit stiff with the muslin fabric so I struggle with getting the collar to lie nicely at the collarbone area (the "flappy" collar itself is not interfaced). I am hoping it will be better with a softer cotton. Or maybe I should go for a lightweight linen? Any suggestions?

I am happy with the back. The shirt isn't supposed to be super fitted, but I really think a small dart in front sides will give it a better shape. I also shortened the sleeves about 1.5". This is summer wear after all :)
I might add a little bit to the length of the bodice, as I feel that, for instance getting in and out of a car will have the shirt untucked. Constantly stuffing your shirt back into your shorts is not a ladylike activity....

Speaking of un-ladylike behaviour, I've turned into a snot factory. Yes. I've gotten the flu, people.
Sewing, running and knitting has ground to a halt. I really hope it passes quick, I don't have time sitting around, producing mucous....

Have a bug free week, y'all!


  1. I really like the collar. If you put a small bust dart below the arms I don't think it will affect the sleeve. Maybe you could pin the excess fabric out of the muslin and see how it feels before re-sewing? I love those long shoulder darts.

  2. I've come to adore those collars too! So cute :)
    I'll take your advice on the muslin, when I feel good enough to handle anything more than basal things like sitting upright ;)

  3. Good luck with your muslin! Hope you're feeling better soon

  4. I wish I could help you Siri, but my expertise is limited with alterations. What you've made so far looks good to me and I think you know what you have to do!
    Get well soon and good luck:)

  5. Love that collar!
    Are you gonna leave it with two sleeves or sleeveless like on your left arm ? Cause I like it both ways !

  6. Its looking really great. I have found with the two vintage items that I have started that the right undergarments change things. I would try it on with what ever items you are going to wear with it, vintage or modern then decided about adding the dart. I think it would work wonderfully. Feel better soon.

  7. I don't really have any experience in sewing vintage patterns and wearing the appropriate undergarments, so I can't help you there, but I think it's looking really nice. I really love the collar. It's adorable. I hope you feel better soon!

  8. It's coming together really nicely! Hope you're back to full health really soon.