Sunday, 18 August 2013

Ham and sausage..? No, not low carb diet.

As a newbie in the sewing univers, you bump into alot of stuff you never knew you needed.
I have always detested ironing shirts, because being a perfectionist I could never iron a shirt to my own standard. Hence, my wardrobe has contained very few shirts and blouses. And the few that DO live in my closet, never gets to come out for a spin. Because...well, they're wrinkly.

After starting to sew, my attraction to shirts has become a bit too much to ignore. And with all kinds of swoon-worthy vintage blouse patterns, I have actually decided that I will topp off my closet with items like these. I am happy to report that blouse #1 is nearing its completion, and will have a post of its own shortly.

However, during this sewing endevour (you know, being a pro, and iron all your seams...), I wound up in several fights with my iron, and thought "-am I really this useless with this contraption, or are there aids to help?"  (Yes, giggle all you want.) I then got wind of some wonderful stuff called a Tailor`s ham and sausage!

Did a quick search, and ended up using a great tutorial, this Tilly and the buttons blogpost on how to make these highly usable items for your pressing and steaming of hard to reach places.
The tut was really easy and quick, with free downloadable patterns, which is always nice.
I made mine from a thick cotton fabric, stuffed with woodshavings.

The hardest part is the stuffing. You really want to make sure to get them so hard packed that they don't crease or distort when used. I actually stuffed those mothers, till my fingers bled... But all worth it, steaming those nooks and crannies have never been easier, and I am sure they will be very useful in my future tailoring attemps, too (which is what they are really for).

A big thank you to Tilly and guest writer Kristiann Boos of Victory Patterns for making my life easier!

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