Friday, 23 August 2013

Goodies that crossed time and space..

Some of them more than others, but YAY!
Finally my latest Ebay purchases are here! All the way from America, to ME, here in tiny Norway :)

I have to admit, browsing for vintage sewing patterns have become one of my favourite pass times since I discovered sewing. The detailing and fit on "oldenday" garments are just so flattering, and I find myself drawn to fashions of the 40s. So feminine, elegant, and rather sexy without the need to show alot of skin. I have to say, I prefer it to nowadays fashion. It seems I can never find something ready-made that fits comfortably while being practical at the same time (and if I do, it's nothing remotely feminine or elegant). Don't even get me started on modern pants... Low waisted, slim fitted, crotch-imposing, hellish little garments. Ack.

However; In the middle of the little bunch below there is the Simplicity Retro pattern #3688. It contains pattern for a garment also know as the Yipppee-trousers over at lovely Debi's blog where I first saw it. Can't wait to try this pattern!

As you can see, there's a nice mix of styles from different eras. There's some beautiful victorian/steampunkish patterns (Butterick #5265 and #4954, and Simplicity #2207), that will some day be turned into riding attire (yes, you read that correctly, and yes, it involves a big furry animal). There's a 70s slip pattern from Sew Lovely, a Kwik Sew knit top pattern (prob. 80s), Butterick #4792 a 50s full skirt dress with adorable jacket. And then, the cherry on top; 1947 Mc Call dress pattern!! *Squee*

This one has got to be my absolute favorite of this batch. I don't know if I love it this much because it's pretty or the fact that it is 66 years old. I wonder who she were, the gal that bought this new. I like to think she was an awesome, stylish woman!

Have you gotten any "new" goodies in the mail lately? And what is your favourite pattern? I'd love to hear about it!

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