Monday, 14 September 2015

Peek-a-boo from under the thinking cap



Yes, yes I'm still here. Unfortunately, I've hit a major slump after the summer holidays and seem to have a hard time getting motivated. I guess that's a normal autumnal occurrence. I've had a lot of "life-stuff" on my mind lately, and is mostly related to work. If you came here today, hoping to read anything sewing related, I am sorry to disappoint. Feel free to skip the rest, but I just need to vent.

I work at a cable factory, owned by a major international company. It is an industry highly dependant on the offshore- and oil industry. As you may, or may not know, there is kind of a crisis going on, and it is directly affecting my work place. A few weeks ago, we were told that because of the failing market and the oil price plummeting, 45 people are loosing their jobs over the next few months.

We don't yet know who those people are, but I don't feel entirely safe. Both me, and my partner work at the same place, so worst case scenario; we both loose our jobs. I don't quite see that happening, but in that business you never can tell. Norway is an expensive country to manufacture goods in, so our Italian owners could very well decide to just move the whole shebang to another, low-cost country.

So naturally, I am not quite at ease before we know for sure.

I am trying not to let it affect my personal life and spare time, but it is hard. On another note, I am thinking about doing something different for a living. Wouldn't it be great working with something that is a little bit closer to my interests? Maybe this could be an opportunity? If I am beeing totally honest, I don't even like my job. I feel like I am wasting myself, and my health. I only do it for the paycheck.
But I need to be realistic here, jobs are not a-plenty these days, and seeing I have not completed any formal education, I am not exactly going to be head-hunted for a position anywhere...

I do know lots of stuff, and consider myself fairly talented. There are very few things that I can't handle. I have some years behind me successfully keeping a job, so I wouldn't be the most hopeless person to hire. But you still need to convince someone. Self doubt is very much a companion these days.

In my search for new employment, I actually came across two positions involving sewing. Sadly, the pay was really bad, and I ended up not applying.

Have you ever been in a similar position? Did you ever decide to take a blind leap? How did it go? Did it end up life changing? I am trying to instill in myself, the belief that no matter the outcome, it will be for the best, and is only another opportunity.

In the midst of all this gloom, there has been some fun things happening too. I won TWO give-aways! What are the odds?? (might be the Universe trying to make me feel better :)
First I won a lovely knitting pattern  made by the very talented Kristin Jones over at Sew Classic (if you like the pattern, it is for sale at Ravelry). If you don't knit, you can have Kristin knit it for you!
And just the week after, I won the Spearmint coat pattern from Lolita patterns, at Rhonda's Creative Life.  I am very excited about the coat, I have even been fabric shopping, so I hope to have some progress to show once I get over this hump :)


  1. Yikes, I'm sorry. I do hope you are not let go from your job; however, perhaps it is a blessing in disguise? Perhaps the right job for you will eventually pop up - don't get too discouraged! Things tend to turn out the way they were meant to in the end ;-)

    Congrats on winning the giveaways

  2. Sorry to hear about your job situation. I live in a state that heavily depends on the oil industry also. When oil goes down that means, they slash the budget for education which means people also get nervous about losing jobs.... Put yourself out there and you will find something!

    Winning giveaways is always a good reason to cheer up!

    1. Well, we just have to face it, the oil industry is not the future anyway. I am glad I still have my job, but it can't hurt to be prepared to "change pasture". I've decided not to fear it, but embrace it as an opportunity should it come o that.

      Winning feels great ;)

  3. I am so sorry about this situation you find yourself in. Times, they are a changing, as the saying goes.

    I have been thinking about your post for a few days...

    I have not been in the same situation, but I have been the mum of a little baby who's partner's organisation (a university) was undergoing a review, such a worry, especially when good jobs are scarce, and I had a slim chance of getting back into work for a good salary. We were ok, he kept his job (but the culture in his work place was changed for the worst..). Now he is looking for a contract so he can keep up art projects and better paying work. He works in IT and it is not healthy to be at a desk all day, so that is a concern.

    I do believe in taking a risk! I went to art school in my twenties to retrain, and my partner is about to graduate after 5 years full time study, and part time work. I have done casual work along the way, some I have been able to set up myself just by contacting schools for artist visits, but mostly am mum to my children....

    We both think, life is short, if at all possible, try and work at what you love, and make a life around that. We have had tough times, working on things we don't enjoy, we are super thrifty, of necessity, but because we had both worked for years we had furniture, all the basics etc and we get by in the lean times, just focus on paying the bills. Then go to the beach, enjoy all the free fun times, spend time with family and friends on the cheap.

    But I do think it has been worth it, we just made things work. Getting to a point and asking myself what do I really want to be doing? Has brought focus and happiness, I have a student loan to pay off one day, I *had* really good work opportunities, but then had a baby, so that went on hold! Just when I was thinking, 'hey I am going to make this in to an opportunity for paid work!' There will be other times.

    In our city, house buying is not an option, prices are through the roof (basic 3 brm homes, go for $1million or more in our neighbourhood, rents are high and low quality, it's become somewhere that people buy up properties and rent them, so little left for anyone on a regular job/income) Little chance for us to do more than 'get by' here at the moment, so we too, are looking at huge upheaval, moving cities, starting anew, new jobs everything!

    Do not fear risk or change, it might be the best thing, it may open up new connections with wonderful people and work that you love!

    Congrats on the wins! Lovely, you deserve it x

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely insight. I never did think that the way to happiness is lots of money and material goods, just having what you need is enough. I am blessed, I have a lot, but many times I think I would be even better off having less. Luxury costs. Especially in my country. I would happily live in a house half the size, and get rid of the tv and cable, but my other half does not agree... He will have to change his stubborn ways, if we loose one income, that's for sure.
      I whole-heartedly agree that we should be doing the things we love, because that's what we'll be best at :) Therein lies happiness, contentment, focus and motivation.