Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Some progress, and a dash of doubt.

Yoo hoo!

So, there was some progress over the weekend with the Spring for Cotton Ceylon dress.
I am nearly done, just buttonholes, hemming and finding the right buttons left.
Sewing it up went swimmingly, and I might have broken the Pinhouse record for speediest construction of any garment.

But then I went to try it on. And as it turns out; I hate it. Yes. I do.
Or rather, hate is a strong word. I don't love it.

The color on the yoke comes out a little darker in the photo,
but you get the general idea.

I decided to make a contrasting yoke out of some corduroy left from the Fall for Cotton challenge, but I don't think it looks as good as I imagined. It's just... well, not very springy.
It most definitely looks autumnal to me. Also, having that dark color agains my face, made me look like a sheet. On the flip-side, fall will eventually arrive and maybe the dress will make sense? Here's to hoping :)

I'll just get it finished, and photographed properly and call it a job done.

On a more positive (and springy) note, I started a new knit!

It is the Lavenda #915, or Rainbow jumper. I chose a slightly different palette than my recent makes, but all colors are on my chart of Me-colors, so stickin' with the rules (let's just say, more Simplicity#3688 pants are coming!).

I haven't seen this jumper around a lot, but I think I spotted it on someones blog recently. I cannot seem to find it again. If you have made this, please let me know. I already made alterations to the pattern, so maybe that's why it isn't as popular as, say the Victory jumper. There was no increases from the ribbing to the armhole shaping, and I found that a bit odd. But we'll se how it all pans out :)

That's all from my end today! Now, off to enjoy some gardening :)
Enjoy your day!


  1. Oh, I think the contrasting yoke is a nice addition to the dress! Too bad you are not content. But maybe it will grow on you!

    Love your knit! Nice colors!

  2. Yes, that's what I thought too, but then I didn't love it after all. I think maybe the contrast is too much, should have been a slightly lighter solid. We'll see, I might change my view :)

  3. I want to see a picture of you in it! A lot of times what seems like a great idea in my head ends of being less than stellar in real life...maybe in the fall, with a cardigan, you'll like it.

    The pattern and color choices of the yarn are spot on -- can't wait to see it finished.

    1. I'll put it on as soon as the buttons are on :) I have thought about the cardigan route myself, but I am unsure how that neckline combines with a cardi. I am sure I will wear it, but right now I'm kind of meh about it :)

  4. The color selections for the knitted top are stunning. What type of yarn are you using?


    1. Hello Marie, nice to meet you ;) The yarn is "Hverdags" from "Du Store Alpakka". It is a Norwegian brand, 60% alpacca, and 40% peruvian wool. Here's a link (it is in Norwegian, though.) http://www.dustorealpakka.com/garn-sortiment/?category=55

  5. That's such a shame for you - it's always so demoralising when the image in your head doesn't translate into reality. For what it's worth though, I think the sneak peek of it looks really striking - are you sure it's as bad as you first thought?? The knit looks absolutely stunning, but then your knits always do :)

  6. I'm a little behind on my blog reading so I know what the final version looks like ;-) I dread that feeling when I loose faith in a garment I'm sewing. It is no fun. Your final dress turned out beautiful and I hope it does grow on you :)

  7. Ah, just saw this, so excited you are knitting this iconic pattern! Can't wait to see how it turns out. The colours are great. Colourwork without the stranding!

  8. Ah, just saw this, so excited you are knitting this iconic pattern! Can't wait to see how it turns out. The colours are great. Colourwork without the stranding!