Thursday, 19 March 2015

Pink power! (Simplicity #2195)

Hey everybody!

I hope you are all doing well, and looking forward to easter break. I know I am!
I just love the longer days, the milder temps and not having to scrape ice off my car in the mornings.

These last weeks since getting Bertha the sewing machine, I have been in a creative wirlwind of planning, and procrastinating. Funny enough, I do not seem to posess the imagination to use anything from my stash. A part of it are fabrics very precious to me, that I am saving for the perfect project (sound familiar?) but for the most part my entire stash seems to be made up of weird, overly-floral stuff in unflattering colors. I think what I am getting at, is that I think I have evolved. I am starting to find my likes and dislikes, but also put down some more thought in what I am making.

Lately I have been reading a bit about colors, and which of them suit different people.
Since I am to cheap to splurge my fabric funds on getting a color analysis, I have come to the conclusion that I have a cool complexion, classified as a winter type and should keep to cool color tones.


I find this stuff rather interesting, and decided to try out my new found knowledge.
So, I made a shirt!

I made version 2.
The pattern comes with embroidery-transfers
for monograms!

This is Simplicity #2195 from 1957. I gotta tell ya, I love this pattern! It has the easiest collar construction I have ever tried, and it just looks great. If anything, I would have liked it even more if the collar was bigger (but that's what the 70s are for!). A simple under-collar is first easily sewn to the bodice, and then the interfaced front facings and collar are stitched on in one swoop along the collar edge. I was so pleased with it, I nearly cried a bit. The rest of the shirt went together very smoothly, even setting in the sleeves went perfect on the first try, which never happens!

Neat and easy collar-construction,
with bias bound finish.

The shirt has front and back tucks. I like them on the back, but the front ones add some pouf that I am a bit unsure of. As demonstrated by the pattern cover art, this blouse is for tucking into skirts and pants, and then the front tucks will make more sense. Next time, I think I'll tinker with them and maybe make them into fisheye darts.

OMG. I look like I've had a case of wine.
Cool shirt though.

Perfect sleeves, loose  fitting
and comfortable.

The sleeves was also brilliant to make, no cuffs or other nonsense, just folded up and slipstitched on the inside. They are the perfect length I find, as I always keep pulling up my sleeves on sweaters and shirts, when cooking, sewing, knitting. No need here, as they're never in the way.

Top stitched yoke, and gathers at the back.

So, what do you think? Do you think this color suits me? It really is a very vibrant cool toned color, and I get instant energy from it. I intend to give my other colors a try, too:)


  1. Yes - the colour suits you ;o) That does look like interesting collar construction, I like the way it sits. very nice.

    1. Thank you! I was very pleased to find this collar construction, as it was so easy, pretty and with a low fail-rate. I guess it is easily altered, too, to create different shaped collars.

  2. I think the colour really suits you. Great finish on the collar.

  3. Very pretty color on you. I'm a winter myself :) The collar on this shirt looks amazing too.

  4. That colour is amazaballs and works great with the style of the blouse- some of the detailing you have going ...i'm swooning over that bias edging xx

    1. Thank you Amanda :) The colour is great, but a pain to photograph though! I have really taken to the bias finishing, it is more work, but so worth it. Making bias tape out of thin lining material is a total fiddle-fest, but it looks wonderful and (hardly) doesn't add any bulk!

  5. Lovely color. It looks like a blank canvas pattern that is great as is or you could add variants to improve or make it different! But the way, I love the 'I look like I had a case of wine' pic!

    1. Yes, it really is a pattern like that! I am already making another one :)
      I glad you approve of my drunken look, if only I was :D