Friday, 11 October 2013

Thoughts on bloggery, shortcomings and UFO's

Since I started this little blog in August, I've learned so much.
Blogging is actually quite a lot of work and planning, something I didn't give much thought at the time.
It is almost like running a little store, you want people to stop by, and having them come back. For that to happen, one need "groceries on the shelves" that people are interested in, and constantly offer something new.

I really like this aspect of it. It keeps me thinking and evaluating, and most of all it keeps me DOING.
My biggest personal shortcoming, must be my lacking ability to finish things I start. I have always been this way, and I have spent a good deal of time figuring out why! Why is it, that I am all fired up about a project and then lose all interest just before I am about to finish? Why do I not feel the urge to hold the said project in my hands, be proud of my effort, and love and cherish the item? Why do I choose for it to spend years in assorted UFO-piles, mocking and bugging me to no end? Am I a masochist?

UFO chair seat.

I tend to be hard on myself, and being an anal nutbag about my own "performance". I am critical, and have a hard time thinking that what I do is good enough. Even if people tell me I am doing great, I still have this little voice telling me that there is room for improvement. If I have made something that has some kind of flaw, how ever small and unnoticeable, I tend to just focus on the dang flaw, instead of enjoying what I've made.
It kind of ruins the fun.

UFO horse oil painting.

So I think this is what keeps me from finishing. If I don't finish, I don't have to make my mind up as to whether I am satisfied or not. I think it is rather sad. Because, lets face it, so what if the dress/sweater/painting isn't perfect? Will it kill me? I think not. But what about all those nagging UFO's?
Will they harm me? Actually, I think they will. They make me feel like a failure, more than that shirt with the backwards cuffs. And I don't want that.

One of a gazillion UFO drawings.

So I have decided to use this blog as therapy :)
Having an audience, makes me feel I have someone backing me up. Someone that can help me overcome this need to be "perfect", but at the same time keep me going. All photos in these post were the result of a quick run around the house. All are UFO's of varying age, and all chime in the mocking choir. There are many more, but I just couldn't stand dragging them all out. You know, for my mental health and all :)

The infamous FFC dress, most recent UFO.

Since most of these are just missing some finishing touches and assembly, I am making an attempt to get them finished. Maybe not all, but certainly the sewing and knitting related ones.

One of at least 5 UFO knitting projects.

Another knitted UFO.

I hope you'll bear with me in this process, and that you don't mind being my beloved nurses in Blogging Mental Hospital :) Thanks guys!


  1. I also had problems with things I made not being perfect. I did finish them (I just can't stand UFO's, if I start something I have to finish it), but they disappeared in my closet without any wear, because there was a minor flaw. But after some months I forgot about the flaw and rediscovered the item in my closet again, and I liked it,

    This happened a few times to me and I realised that it doesn't mind of it's not perfect. I also try to appreciate the learning process more. When I do something for the first time, it's not realistic to believe it will turn out perfect. Sometimes you need some practice.

    You have some amazing projects going on! It's a pity if you won't finish them. They look so promising!

  2. I am NOT a perfectionist! I would rather have a finished thing that is "good enough", because Good Enough is still better than Not Finished. And sometimes "good enough" leads to new ideas, new ways of doing things.

    So I will be more than happy to support you in your therapy!

  3. I am very much like you. I'm quite the perfectionist and I'm hyper critical with my work. Anthea is right, I finish them because it is a learning experience. The first few clothes I sewed, I don't wear them at all. Hey, the first few clothes you made, looks awesome! I did finish my clothes because I learned about them. I learned how to fit a pattern to my body and my skills get better. Sewing really has taught me to relax a little bit. The minor imperfections that we get hung up on, it's okay because no one will notice. Your FFC dress, It looks great. It even works as a sleeveless. You knit and you draw! Wow, you're talented! You do indeed have amazing projects. I just hope you do finish them. Even if the projects are not to your liking, you know your mistakes and try to improve on the next one. Sewing is a learning experience and there will be peaks and valleys along the way. Soon enough though, there will be less valleys and more peaks! :)

    If you don't want to finish your UFOs, may be work on something easier until you get your sewing mojo back. Best of Luck Siri!

  4. I applaud your bravery, posting them here for the world to see. I hide mine, like a dirty little secret.I have a few (maybe too many) UFO's in my closet. I became disillusioned with each one for one reason or another. At first I was bothered by them, they haunted me. It almost paralyzed me and my ability to do anything. After much soul searching I decided that sometimes you have to let things do, if you do not they consume you. Through my lifetime, yeah I am pretty 'vintage', I have had many life altering changes, some that were so bad that I became frozen, unable to commit to life. But I survived it, and now when things like UFO's come into my life I say to myself "Is this the worse thing in my life that has ever happened? and Is this a life altering situation?" If I can say no, then I put it away and move on. Just keep crafting, whether is be a drawing, painting, knitting or sewing, just keep going. You will find less and less UFO's when you do so, you learn your limitations or change your expectations and one day you will find it is all good.